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Nisroch – Assyrian god of agriculture

“striding man” 3000 BC

3000 BC, Iran or Mesopotamia demon with rams horns

Nisroch watering tree

Watering tree

“Striding Man” 3000 BC

Made in Sumer, 3000 BC. Copper sculpture. Represents either a demon or a hero; has ibex horns on head and a raptor skin on his back.

Copper Dagger

This image relates to “Striding man”. This is a copper dagger made in Iran around 3000 BC, the same time and place as “Striding man” was made. This…

a standing male figure; embodiment of a god

This is a sculpture of a man found in Mesopotamia. It is made of limestone, not copper, however it is about the same size of the “Striding man”…

Nisroch – Close up of detailed carving

This is a close up view of a stone carving of Nisroch the Assyrian god of agriculture. Our group found the details in the texturing of the stone…

Dieties kneeling beside sacred tree

This artwork from Iran depicts 2 deities kneeling beside the sacred tree, the same tree that Nisroch is depicted as watering with his bucket of water. They have…

The Pine Cone held by a diety and Nisroch

The pine cone is shown in many different works of art in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and area. In the depictions of Nisroch, he is shown holding up the…

“Cylinder Seal”

This is a supporting image on “Nisroch”.It’s a Cylinder Seal from the Uruk period depicting the ruler who may have been called “en”. En is playing the role…

“Mesopotamian Fashion Week”

This image is a depiction of what standard wealthy men wore. The fabric used to make these “toga-like” garments/robes was linen and later on soft cotton was introduced….

“wheat Heads”

Image of Wheat heads is identical to the wheat pattern used to resemble the feathers on Nisroch’s wings. Since he was the god of agriculture it only made…