This image shows people falling off a ladder, with skinny demons shooting arrows both at humans and the angels at the top of the ladder who appear unable to assist the people due to the assault on themselves. The angels have swards and look to be fighting off the demons. The varied attire of falling people appears to represent a number of social niches, but almost all are falling back to earth. There is a building that seems to be a basilica or church in the bottom right hand corner and in the upper right corner we see the hand of God reaching down and holding something out to a woman at the top of the ladder. In the bottom left corner there is some kind of sea serpent with an open mouth and looks like it could be wrapped around a smaller building. There is one figure in particular that looks like he is walking off of the ladder, holding some kind of primitive simple form of what could be a human; heading towards what seems to be a bed. The ladder leans from the bottom left hand side of the picture to the top right, where it meets the hand of God. It is a colorful picture, with the clothing of the people being either green, blue, red, or yellow. The demons are black and buildings are multicolored as well. There is some writing on the ladder as well as paragraphs scattered over the picture. There is detail in the dress of the figures, and in the building but otherwise it is pretty simply done. It seems to be from a book, so we say that the medium is papyrus.

Shared by: Tierney Bracewell
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