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Roman mosaic of Cupid

The subject matter of this piece is a Cupid holding a mirror riding a fish (dolphin). The work is a Roman mosaic. The tiles are placed separately but…

Cupids riding dolphins carrying a box of jewels and a mirror

This is a supporting image for the Cupid on a dolphin. This is not the complete work but it shows a side by side of the two cupids….

Cupid statue

Cupid Roman recreation of Greek original. He is older than the typical youth cupid we normally think of. He is probably made of marble. He is missing his…

Centaur and Cupid

This statue called “Centaur and Cupid”. It is another copy of the same type as the old Centaur in ” Furietti Centaurs” , which made by white marble….

Adolescent God of Love

This 157 cm (5.15 feet) tall marble carved statue can currently be found in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. This statue of Eros – the Greek…

Cupid on the right

This cupid is a part of a floor mosaic of Venus, in the House of Amphirite. The cupid is riding a dolphin and holding a mirror. Implied line…

Supporting image for Cupid

This is another mosaic with a Cupid riding a dolphin. Cupids riding dolphins mean they are playful, friendly to humans, and swift.

Eros Farnese

This piece of artwork is held at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, in Naples, Italy. This Roman copy of Eros, the Greek god of love, is made…

Support Image for Eros Farnese

This is a support image for the Eros Farnese, known as the Eros Centocelle. It is another Roman copy that was made from the original Greek Eros of…