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Supporting image for Nefertari´s tomb painting

This picture shows a relief of the hybrid god Khnum and was found in Esna in the temple of Khnum.

Sobek the God of Strength

This bas relief was found at the Temple of Kom Ombo and is currently not found in a museum or in a collection: it is still at the…

Sobek God sf Life and Afterlife

This is Sobek. Many story support he was the god of fertility or the Nile river. Most common of these stories is his involvement in life and death….

Temple of Kom Ombo or Temple of Sobek

This is the temple of Sobek, the god of life and afterlife, There are many relatable reliefs involving the Pharaoh and other individuals of different social standings. This…

Bas Relief on the temple of Kom Ombo

The Bas Relief that is on the Kom Ombo Temple, or the Temple of Sobek and Haroeris is located in the city of Kom Ombo Egypt. It was…

Supporting image for the Sphinx of Hatshepsut

A picture of the temple of Hatshepsut, which was built out of the rocks.


Supporting image for Assyrian griffin man. This is a fortress near where this figure was found.

Supporting image for Gilgamesh relief

The picture shows the excavation of the temple Tell-Halaf.