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Support Image for the Borovo Treasure

This is a support image for the Borovo Treasure. Like the rhyta in the Thracian table set, this silver gilt rhyton morphs into the head of a deer….

Silver Alabastron of the Lydian Hoard collection

Also apart of the Lydian Hoard collection, this appears to be a narrative on the side of a silver vase.

A jug from the Lydian Hoard collection

A supporting image to the golden hippocampus brooch. Both are part of the Lydian Hoard collection of Turkey.

Bull-Shaped Drinking Vessel

This is a supporting image of the “Kneeling Bull Holding a Spouted Vessel.” Just like the figure mentioned before hand, this drinking vessel resembles a very realistic bull….

Kneeling Bull with Spouted Vessel

The kneeling bull holding a spouted vessel was found buried in Southwestern Iran, and is now held in Metropolitan Museum of Art. It stands 16.3 centimeters tall, and…

Kneeling Bull Holding a Spouted Vessel

The “Kneeling Bull Holding a Spouted Vessel” is a silver hybrid figurine that curiously blends together both traditional human and bull characteristics. It measures 6 7/16” x 2…