The Apocalypse Tapestry is a huge medieval set of tapestries made in France from 1377-1382. It shows the story of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation by Saint John. The images are colourful and intricate, and the entire tapestry totals 90 different scenes made in six sections, each 78 feet wide and 20 feet high. It is incredibly detailed and would have taken 50-85 years of working by the weavers. In this time period, the Apocalypse was a popular story about death and destruction, but in the end of good triumphing over evil; the scenes depict battles between beasts and angels, evil and good. Saint John is shown in every scene, writing down what he sees. As we saw him when we studies the scene called “The Beast of the Sea.” The background of scenes are either red or dark blue, alternating. In the French Revolution, the tapestry was lost and a bit was destroyed, but it has been restored in the 19th century and it on display at the Chateau d’Angers, however only 71 of the original 90 scenes survived. It is one of the oldest surviving French medieval tapestry.

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