Nisroch – Assyrian god of agriculture

“striding man” 3000 BC

3000 BC, Iran or Mesopotamia demon with rams horns

Nisroch watering tree

Watering tree

Lamassu- guardian of the temple

It’s a Guardian, Lamassu, and to the right is a narrative of the God, Marduk. The sculpture has texture and patterns that are carved into the stone. You…

Marlik Cup of Heroes

In the beginning when we first seen this photo the first thing that came to mind was kingly. This golden bowl, bucket, or goblet was kingly in our…

Human-headed winged bull and winged lion (Lamassu)

The Human headed winged bull and winged lion man otherwise known as a Lamassu was made in Nimrud (Northern Iraq) in the Neo-Assyrian period between 883-859 BC. The…

Assyrian Griffin man

The sculpture carries a brick and holds a basket with no narrative. Line is used to give a sense of clothing on the sculpture and it does fragment…

size comparison for Lamassu

This image shows the size of the Lamassu compared to a man.


Supporting image of Lamassu. This god is in the narrative on the right of Lamassu

Supporting image for Gilgamesh relief

This picture allows you to see the full stone relief of Gilgamesh and the two bull-men holding the winged sun disk.

Gilgamesh and two Bull-Men

This piece is a stone relief, meaning it would be challenging to replicate in different mediums. Due to its three dimensional nature , the figures cast a slight…

Golden Cup with Decorations

This is a picture of the Golden Cup display in the Museum of Iran. The cup is held with a Golden Bowl and other decorations. We are focusing…