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Cadmus and the Dragon

This image is of Cadmus fighting a dragon who was guarding the sacred spring of Ismenos. The tale that this image belongs to is about Cadmus , when…

Initial Thoughts of Stianed Glass image

Our initial Thoughts about this image were that it was a stained glass piece. It was composed of very vibrant colours, and intricate designs on each individual pieces….

St George and the Dragon

This image is depicting Saint George and his battle with a dragon. Created by Paolo Uccello, a Italian painter. It dates around 1456, so the early renaissance. It…

St. George and the Dragon… Again

This is a supportive image for the original artwork done by the same artist; Paolo Uccello. This one is done around 10-15 years later and is also oil…

Preliminary Description of the 7 Headed Beasts

This image is striking for its strong contrast in both value and complementary colors with a very dark blue background and light, bright orange figures. The two central…

St George and the Dragon

This 74.422×56.388cm picture is the supporting image of the yellow background St George and Dragon. Both of them drawn in 1460 by Paolo Uccello and described the same…

Stuttgarter Psalter Psalm 91

This is a narrative of a knight standing on a dragon and lion with the hands of god in the top right and an angel on the left….

Saint George

this is the supporting image of “the Saint George and the gragon. Who is the soilder in England .

The Beasts

“The beast” or “La Bete de la Mer” refers to a tapestry that depicts two beasts, one from the earth and the other from the sea sharing a…