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The Last Judgement

“The Last Judgement” is a biblical scene painted on the exterior of the Voronet Monastery. This particular piece was added 1547. Painted in fresco by an unknown group…

Initial Thoughts of this Statue on a Temple

This image of a statue placed atop what could be a church or a temple appears to be a very large staple of this building, The golden lion…

Supporting Image for St Marks Basilica

This is a supporting image for Saint Marks Basillica in Venice. This is an aerial view of the Basilica as a whole. It is also known as the…

Altar at Voronet Monastery: supporting image of the Last Judgement

A supporting image to the Last Judgement fresco on the west façade of the Voronet Monastery. Exterior altar piece on the Southeast side of the Church of St….

Supporting image for Seraphim

This is a supporting image for Seraphim, and in can be found in the Cathedral of Cefalù in Sicily, and it is from ca. 1150 A.D.

Supporting Image for the Last Judgement

This is a supporting image for The Last Judgement, and it shows the whole artwork.

The Annunciation Diptych

This piece is not a statue, but an oil painting on panel entitled “The Annunciation Diptych.” Jan van Eyck had finished this diptych circa 1433-1435. It measures 38.8…