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Supporting image for the Sea thiasos

This part of the stone relief depicts Poseidon and Amphitrite sitting on a chariot during their wedding.

Supporting image for Nisroch relief

Nisroch was sometimes depicted with a human head instead of the head of an eagle.

Supporting image for Nisroch relief

This relief shows Nisroch, the god of agriculture, who was also mentioned in the bible.

Gilgamesh between two Bulls holding a winged Sundisk

The subject matter of the work is Gilgamesh between two bulls holding a winged sun disk. It is a stone relief with many organic lines and linear lines…

Humbaba Being Killed by Gilgamesh and Enkidu

I chose this image as it is one of the other many depictions that were tied together to create the Epic of Gilgamesh. It belongs to the Museum…

Orthostat Relief: Seated Figure Holding a Lotus Flower

This is a supporting picture of the relief of Gilgamesh. This relief was carved out of limestone, similar to that of the Gilgamesh tablet. There is great detail…

Relief Depicting Gilgamesh Between Two Bull-Men Supporting a Winged Sun Disk Support Image

This Image is of the hero Gilgamesh between the two bull-men holding up the sun disk engraved into black stone. The stone relief is almost identical to our…