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Golden Griffin Cup at Marlik

Supporting image for the Golden goblet cup in Marlik. This is a Golden Cup Excavated at Marlik with two lines of Griffin on its top band.Producted in the first…

the Gold bowl of Marlick

The Gold Bowl of Marlick This goblet was found at Marlick in the Valley of Gohor Rud (Crystal River) in Iran. This item and many others excavated from…

Mountain Goat: Proto-Elamite Period

This Silver Scultpture of a Mountain Goat with a golden head is one of many sculptures dsicovered from Susa, Iran during the proto-elamite period that are detailed with…

Golden Elamite Worshipper Supporting Image

I found this image to connect to the Kneeling Bull as they are similar in scale, medium, and origination. While the Kneeling Bull had been constructed of silver,…

gold bowl od marlick

fine workmanship, the bulls and palm tree are done in repousse with a guilloche pattern on the rim

Crouching Pharaoh (group notes)

Describing what you see: – Crouching pharaoh on a pedestal with Hathor and Horus standing by his sides made out of gold and lapis lazuli – The crouching…

The Gold Ram Statue

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Notes 1

Notes for the golden Ram statue

Notes 2

Notes for the Golden Ram Statue

Second project, First thoughts

This is a gold covered statue of a man with a goat head. There is minimal texture present only in the skirt hair and headdress caused by lines…

Notes 2

Notes for the Golden Ram Statue

Amulet of Harsaphes

The subject matter is of Harsaphes, or sometimes called Hershaf. This god is shown as a man body with a ram head usually with the Atef crown on…