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Supporting Image for Neptune and the Seasons Mosaic

This is a support image for the Neptune and the Seasons Mosaic. It is titled as the Triumph of Neptune Mosaic. Like our main piece, it depicts the…

Supporting image for Nereis mosaic

This is a mosaic of a hippocampus. Hippocampus are seahourse like hybirds. Nereis is seen riding a hippocampus.

Supporting Image for Nereis and Hippocampus

This is a supporting image for the Image of Nereis and Hippocampus, it shows Neptune riding Hippocampus

Supporting image for Nereis and Hippocampus

This is a supportive image for Nereis Riding a Hippocampus. It shows Nereis, Hippocampus and the love god Eros.

Nereis riding a Hippocampus

There is a narrative; A Nereid nymph rides side-saddle on the back of a fish-tailed horse or Hippocampus, and Neptune is leading them. The lines are implied. There…

Poseidon and the Hippocampus

This image shows the hippocampus pulling Poseidon and his carriage. The hippocampus were known to be Poseidon’s horses and are depicted in a number of works of art…

Supporting Hippocampus Brooch

This image shows the original brooch beside the fake brooch that took its place on display

Gold Hippocampus Brooch

This gold Hippocampus Brooch was illegally excavated and looted out of one of the iron-age burial mounds in U┼čak and Manisa Provinces of Turkey in 1960. It became…