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Lamassu- guardian of the temple

It’s a Guardian, Lamassu, and to the right is a narrative of the God, Marduk. The sculpture has texture and patterns that are carved into the stone. You…

Pre-research impressions of an eqyptian sphynx

– egyptian sphynx, lion body with pharaoh head – sphynx is enthroned on a podest – perhaps used as a guardian of a tomb – pharaoh headdress and…

Crouching Pharaoh (group notes)

Describing what you see: – Crouching pharaoh on a pedestal with Hathor and Horus standing by his sides made out of gold and lapis lazuli – The crouching…

The Gold Ram Statue

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Notes 1

Notes for the golden Ram statue

Notes 2

Notes for the Golden Ram Statue

Second project, First thoughts

This is a gold covered statue of a man with a goat head. There is minimal texture present only in the skirt hair and headdress caused by lines…

Notes 1

Notes for the Golden Ram Statue

Notes 2

Notes for the Golden Ram Statue

Amulet of Harsaphes

The subject matter is of Harsaphes, or sometimes called Hershaf. This god is shown as a man body with a ram head usually with the Atef crown on…

Supporting image for the Sphinx of Hatshepsut

This statue of Queen Hatshepsut is exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The Gold Statue of Three

This statue made of Gold and lapis lazuli is a depiction of myth of death and resurrection; the death of Osiris and birth of Horus. The myth states…