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The Annunciation Diptych

This piece is not a statue, but an oil painting on panel entitled “The Annunciation Diptych.” Jan van Eyck had finished this diptych circa 1433-1435. It measures 38.8…

Black and white Whore of Babylon

This image in the series marks the appearance of the whore of Babylon in the Book of Revelation (17:3–4). It supports the original image of The Whore of…

Saint George

this is the supporting image of “the Saint George and the gragon. Who is the soilder in England .

Altar at Voronet Monastery: supporting image of the Last Judgement

A supporting image to the Last Judgement fresco on the west façade of the Voronet Monastery. Exterior altar piece on the Southeast side of the Church of St….

Harpy from the Der Naturen Bloeme

This piece is a Medieval representation of a harpy. A harpy is a combination of a woman’s head and a bird’s body. The image is taken from an…

Another painting support

Bird-man hybrid

This piece is a depiction of a bird-man hybrid. This creature has the head of a man and the body of a bird. It looks as though it…

Supporting Image for Neptune and the Seasons Mosaic

The Art Of Seduction

This image depicts Pan teaching Daphnis how to play his panpipes. The piece in a whole cries out Pans sexual desire towards Daphnis timid and shy demeanor. Pan…

Centaur and Cupid

Supporting image for the Sea thiasos

On the picture you can see the Glyptothek in Munich, where the stone relief of the sea thiasos is located.

The Boy King Tutankhamun’s Heavenly Pectoral

This Pectoral found by Howard Carter along with Boy King Tutankhamun and his treasure, is about 14.9 cm in height and 14.5 cm at its widest point. The…