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Humbaba Being Killed by Gilgamesh and Enkidu

I chose this image as it is one of the other many depictions that were tied together to create the Epic of Gilgamesh. It belongs to the Museum…

Giffin-Headed Demon Support

Griffin-Headed Demon. Toprakkale, Urarta 10 cm tall. 8th-7th century BCE. Ivory. Sculpted in relief. Housed at The Anatolian Civilization Museum and The British Museum Griffin-headed demon were etched…

A jug from the Lydian Hoard collection

A supporting image to the golden hippocampus brooch. Both are part of the Lydian Hoard collection of Turkey.

Silver Alabastron of the Lydian Hoard collection

Also apart of the Lydian Hoard collection, this appears to be a narrative on the side of a silver vase.

Poseidon Abducting Amphitrite

In this image the god Poseidon is pulling the reins of a hippokampos and Amphitrite is sitting on the hippocampos’s back. According to legends Poseidon saw Amphitrite dancing…

Griffin Mosaic

Mosaic Griffin eating lizard This piece is a mosaic that depicts a griffin eating a lizard-creature. The mosiac organized by goat’s head, tiger’s body with a lion tail…