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Pre-research impressions of an eqyptian sphynx

– egyptian sphynx, lion body with pharaoh head – sphynx is enthroned on a podest – perhaps used as a guardian of a tomb – pharaoh headdress and…

Egyptian Bas Relief

At first we thought that the frailest woman/man was a slave in line or waiting to address the hierarchy. The crocodile hybrid is the protector of the 3…

Egyptian Narrative

Egyptian narrative, see our notes

Notes 3

Notes for the Egyptian Narrative

Notes 4

Notes for the Egyptian narrative

Pre-research impressions of a hybrid hieroglyphics

– Features two people, possibly servants and between them is a hybrid with a human body and a ram´s head – Hybrid could be a god/goddess or a…

Winged Sun Disk

The winged sun is one of the oldest Egyptian symbols that appeared as early as the “old kingdom” (around 2600 BC). It is a symbol of royalty, divinity…

Winged Cobra – Wadjet – Protector

Winged serpents were placed as guardians over Pharaohs. The feathered serpent is most often associated with rulers and kings or queens, as protectors or guardians. The image is…

Supporting image for the Sphinx of Hatshepsut

A picture of the temple of Hatshepsut, which was built out of the rocks.

Supporting image for the Sphinx of Hatshepsut

This mummy was identified as Hatshepsut with the help of her tooth profile.

Supporting image for the Sphinx of Hatshepsut

This statue of Queen Hatshepsut is exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Bas Relief on the temple of Kom Ombo

The Bas Relief that is on the Kom Ombo Temple, or the Temple of Sobek and Haroeris is located in the city of Kom Ombo Egypt. It was…