This is another scene from the Apocalypse Tapestry in Angers, France. It is a huge medieval set of tapestries made in great detail and size from 1377-1382. It shows the story of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation by Saint John. The images are colourful and detailed, and the entire tapestry totals 90 different scenes made in six sections, each 78 feet wide and 20 feet high. This is another scene from the Tapestry called “The Third Horseman.” In the Apocalyptic writing, four horses are summoned; a white, red, black and pale horse. They are seen as symbolizing conquest, war, famine, and death. So the third horseman here symbolizes famine. The rider is holding scales which would be used to weigh grain, or bread. Once again, we see Saint John on the left hand side of the scene, holding his book. Above in the sky is an angel and the lion (which symbolizes god) holding a long scroll on which the writings and commands were given. We see the same flowing vines in the background as in the “Beast of the Sea” scene. This piece has quite a contrast between the colours of red and black, with a very dark background and a lighter foreground, which is constant throughout the whole tapestry. Line is used to show great detail in the plants and in the cloud in the sky where the angelic figures are. Line is also used to give detail and depth to the clothing, especially on Saint John. It is interesting to also see a bird in the tree and a snake on the ground under the tree, as in the other Medieval work we studied, the bird represented Christ, and the snake Satan, which could also be the case here.

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