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Nisroch – Assyrian god of agriculture

Supporting image for Gilgamesh relief

This picture allows you to see the full stone relief of Gilgamesh and the two bull-men holding the winged sun disk.

Horus. 3,000 BCE. British Museum

Horus 3000 BCE Horus was one of the sky gods of Ancient Egypt. He had the body of a man and the head of a falcon and he…

Relief Depicting Gilgamesh Between Two Bull-Men Supporting a Winged Sun Disk

This relief is depicting Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk, between two bull-men supporting a winged sun disk. The depiction from Syro-Hittite stele is dated to approximately the 8th…

a standing male figure; embodiment of a god

This is a sculpture of a man found in Mesopotamia. It is made of limestone, not copper, however it is about the same size of the “Striding man”…

Nisroch – Close up of detailed carving

This is a close up view of a stone carving of Nisroch the Assyrian god of agriculture. Our group found the details in the texturing of the stone…

Assyrian God of Agriculture: Nisroch

This piece is a stone relief panel of the Assyrian God Nisroch, an eagle-headed, winged man with exaggerated muscles. He is said to be the Assyrian God of…

Supporting image for Nisroch relief

This relief shows Nisroch, the god of agriculture, who was also mentioned in the bible.

Supporting image for Nisroch relief

Nisroch was sometimes depicted with a human head instead of the head of an eagle.

Ram God

Ram God sculpture in soft stone wearing a headers and pectoral plate. The body is facing forward and the head is facing to the future.


This is a supportive image of a stele of Lady Taperet and Ra. This is depicting Taperet offering the god Ra with goods and he is blessing her…

Ruler of the river banks

This is a supportive image for the gold statue of Harsaphes (or Heryshaf). His name means “he who is upon his lake”. He is a primordial deity of…