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Seraphim Tetramorph

In the picture you see a seraphim (a six winged angel), that is also a tetramorph(an arrangement of symbols).The simples in this tetramorph are the four evangelists, Matthew…

Poseidon Abducting Amphitrite(Poseidon enlarged)

Supporting image to Poseidon Abduction Amphitrite.

Poseidon Abducting Amphitrite(Amphitrite enlarged)

A supporting image to Poseidon Abducting Amphitrite.

Mosaic Chimera

This image is of a small portion of a much larger floor mosaic. The chimera looks as if its in a defensive pose, and judging by how close…

Furietti Centaur

Supporting Image: The original sculpture Centaur Teased By Eros copied from.

Centaur Teased By Eros

This is a Roman copy of one of the Furietti Centaurs. Created between the 1st and 2nd century AD, it is just under 5 ft tall with a…

Poseidon Abducting Amphitrite

In this image the god Poseidon is pulling the reins of a hippokampos and Amphitrite is sitting on the hippocampos’s back. According to legends Poseidon saw Amphitrite dancing…

Cadmus and the Dragon

This image is of Cadmus fighting a dragon who was guarding the sacred spring of Ismenos. The tale that this image belongs to is about Cadmus , when…

The Ba Bird

This amulet is of the Ba Bird, and was from 3rd century BC (early ptolemaic). The Ba, was one of the five components that made up the human…

The Supreme of the Valley of Queens

The tomb of Nefertari is one of the most luxurious in the Valley of Queens.

Horus and the journey of death

Horus and his assistant preparing the body of a pharaoh for the afterlife

Horus and the Journey to Death

Horus preparing pharaohs for the journey to the afterlife.