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Human-headed winged bull and winged lion (Lamassu)

The Human headed winged bull and winged lion man otherwise known as a Lamassu was made in Nimrud (Northern Iraq) in the Neo-Assyrian period between 883-859 BC. The…

size comparison for Lamassu

This image shows the size of the Lamassu compared to a man.

Horus. 3,000 BCE. British Museum

Horus 3000 BCE Horus was one of the sky gods of Ancient Egypt. He had the body of a man and the head of a falcon and he…

Gilgamesh and the Winged Sun

This relief is currently found in the Aleppo Museum in Syria due to a lack of information this image will go through a deconstruction into two sections sections:…

Detailed Winged Sun

The Winged Sun in more detail

Gilgamesh and his Bull Men

This is a representation of Gilgamesh with the Bull men he defeated, by his side.

Ahuramazda Faravahar of Ancient Iran Winged Sun

This image shows the winged sun with the god Ashur riding on top of the heavens.

Horus 2nd Image

This is the supporting image for Horus. More information under main image

Crouching Pharaoh (group notes)

Describing what you see: – Crouching pharaoh on a pedestal with Hathor and Horus standing by his sides made out of gold and lapis lazuli – The crouching…

Bas Relief featuring Sobek (group notes)

Describing What You See – Bas relief of a pharaoh who has presumably passed away, surrounded by his wife and goddess mentor – This bas relief leads us…

The Gold Statue of Three

This statue made of Gold and lapis lazuli is a depiction of myth of death and resurrection; the death of Osiris and birth of Horus. The myth states…

Recreation of the Life and Death Trio

This is a modern recreation of the three figures Isis, Osiris and Horus as seen in the statue made of gold and lapis lazuli.