The subject matter is of Harsaphes, or sometimes called Hershaf. This god is shown as a man body with a ram head usually with the Atef crown on his head. He was supposedly born in the waters of the Nile and name means “he who is upon his lake”. He is the god of fertility. It is a three dimensional statue that is completely covered in gold. The texture found in the statue is from the use of line, with each one of the same depth and width causing a sense of harmony. The texture is only found in the hair, horns, skirt and hair, which makes it stand out. The horizontal lines fragment the piece into 5 different parts; legs, skirt, torso, head, and headdress. You can see that the body is proportionate due to the fact they were able to devise a system for everyone to use. The statue is very linear in nature with even the horns (which are horizontal). The only colour present is the use of the medium of gold. The whole piece is very symmetrical and balanced. The only part which is not symmetrical is that one of the figures feet are stepping forward. The piece is also very simple but give a sense of importance at the same time. The use of gold was probably due to the fact multiple of these were made so they could have made a mold and then covered them all in one medium. The figure wearing the Atef crown symbolizes truth, justice, and balance. As well as the precious metal being used insinuates the importance of the figure. The statue can be found at the Museum of fine arts in Boston, United States. But is out on loan to the Houston museum of natural sciences at the moment. It was discovered in 1903-4 by William Matthew Flinders Petrie from Herakleoplis Manga in the Hyposytyle hall of temple.

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