Fish-goat – Guess is that it is made out of bronze – Leslie thought maybe it was made of wood at first – No colour scheme as it is just a copper – brown – Fish tale, goat’s head, neck and front legs – Looks like he is going somewhere – Pretty solemn facial expression – Lots of repetitive engraved lines create detail and texture throughout the piece – Yes your eye is drawn to the texture because it is everywhere – There is visual rhythm because of the patterns. It draws the eye from the head to the tail – Unified creature – 3 dimensional – Asymmetrical, but harmonious. The goat fish seems like an actual creature because the goat parts move nicely in to the fish parts. – We think that if the goat fish had been painted instead of being a sculpture it could have a different effect depending on how it was painted, but we don’t think it would necessarily be better.

Image Credit: Terryl Atkins
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