Creatures mouth could be the gate to Hell. There are animals inside the mouth instead of people. The standing up creature could be the same as the ones in the mouth. He looks like he is feeding the mouth. The mouth looks similar to the lion, and his expression is sad rather than angry. The standing up creature has a face on his abdomen which is blowing fire. He has cloven hooves for feet and hands. He also has horns. This looks like part of a book, there are words underneath the image. The colours are muted. There is repetition of the dots. The mouth has hair around it and his forehead has a circle on it and looks like where the third eye would go. The head is the most important thing since it is the largest. The picture stays within the frame except of the tail of what the mouth is eating. His face and nose is scrunched up. The standing up guy looks like he has scaly legs and a short tail.

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