This 13th century illustration found in a manuscript by MS Tanner 184 is of Satan pushing creatures into the mouth of hell. The Mouth of Hell is a concept that has been popular throughout many epochs of history in many different renditions. In these images the open mouth of a large monsters head represents the gates to Hell. This particular rendition is from the middle ages. This image had been painted in neutral colours on a piece of parchment paper in England and dates back to approximately 1250-1255 CE. This image is an illustration an apocalypse commentary manuscript and can be found on page 72. This image was a popular artistic representation of the entrance to hell. It depicts Satan devouring creatures that have sinned and now deserve to go to hell. Sources: 14359:Apocalypse-with-commentary- ?qvq=q:DescriptionRev.XX.91014.MouthofHel l.;lc:ODLodl~29~29,ODLodl~7~7,ODLodl~6~6,ODLodl~14~14,ODLodl~8~8, ODLodl~23~23,ODLodl~1~1,ODLodl~24~24&mi=0&trs=1

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