Group notes: -there is a person who has circles with people and angels in them, except for the one in the middle and at the front, this one has a winged ox -very colourful, mostly red -there are two deer like creatures at the largest mans feet, one on either side of him -the man looks to be sitting, on a throne probably -the winged ox is the symbol of St. Luke -the large man might be God, there is a circle around his head symbolizing that he is holy -looks like they are in an entryway, an arch -circles are overlapped to show a bit of depth -looks like the image is painted -there is repetition in the circles and in the patterning of the arch -the image is very symmetrical as well -the overall image seems to be very flat – there isn’t a lot of depth -there are two birds one in each upper corner – they might be phoenixes -there are blocks in the mans lap, they look like they might be houses

Shared by: Mia Herault, Christyn Rebmann, Kazia Gueho, Sara Hall
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