There are angels prodding the queen into the depths of Hell. The queen’s expression doesn’t match her situation. In the flames there is a horse, goat, lion creature with little heads on its neck. There are seven heads, they could represent the seven deadly sins. It has cloven hooves which are a sign of the devil. With the people the King is crying, and there is a bishop/Priest standing next to the king. There is a bucket with the queen and it could be the bucket of sin that get thrown into the pit. The people are above the queen and creature and are also smaller. A few of them look like they have their head shaved or are wearing a monk cap. The queen is the biggest person with the angels being the next biggest. The king is slightly bigger than the people around him. The creature is the biggest thing. There is repetition in the flames, the head of the beast, the wings and the people. Red is the predominant colour. The clothes are very detailed with pattern and the shape of the draping. This could be an illumination or a cautionary tale.

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