Our initial Thoughts about this image were that it was a stained glass piece. It was composed of very vibrant colours, and intricate designs on each individual pieces. There is what appears to be a knight, his face is a darker shade of brown, which stands out against his white helmet and shield. He is on a horse who is up on its hind legs as if it were on the defensive. The knight is holding a gold pole, potentially a spear. There is a winged dragon below him and his horse and he appears to be trying to spear it.There is a king or a queen above the battle scene, her face is pure white, which could symbolize something seeing as the knights face was a much darker shade of brown with a little white lamb beside him or her. This could symbolize innocence on the king or queens behalf. There is large white castle that stands out against the ominous dreary dark green background, almost as if there is a light shining on it.

Image Credit: http://stormthecastle.com/dir/
Reuse License: CC0 No Rights Reserved