This image is depicting Saint George and his battle with a dragon. Created by Paolo Uccello, a Italian painter. It dates around 1456, so the early renaissance. It is a oil painting on canvas. There are three figures portrayed in the artwork from right to left, st. George on a white horse, the dragon and a princess praying. The largest figure is st. George on the horse presumably due to his importance. Your eyes go straight towards him and move to the left to view the rest of the piece. There is one clear direct source of light coming from the upper left hand, because of this there are many highlights and shadows present. The artist uses in the left hand of the piece the traditional method of perspective, but in the right you can see he struggles to get away from this convention. The oil paints used are mainly in primary colour with the addition of greens, browns, whites and blacks. The whole piece is very analogous in its tone with minimal contrast. The painting is on display at the Paris museum Jacquemart-Andre.

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