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Byzantine Mosaic of Animal Hunting

Supportive image of the Mosaic Griffin huntuing deer. The thumbnail of the whole wall which described how animals and mythical beasts fighting each other for survival. The meticulous…

Villa Casale Mosaic of Child Hunting

Supportive image of Pan fight Eros.It’s a bedroom wall of the Villa Casale, describing the hunt of the children. The vivid characters and bright colors fit the atmosphere…

Supporting image for griffin mosaic

This picture shows the inside of the Great Palace Mosaic Museum in Istanbul, where the griffin mosaic can be seen today.

Supporting image for griffin mosaic

The map shows the imperial district of ancient Constantinople. The griffin mosaic was part of the courtyard of the Great Palace.

Supporting image for the image of Amphirite’s cupids

This is a supporting image for the image of Amphirite’s cupids and it shows how Amphirite looks like.

Supporting image for Aphrodite mosaic

This picture shows a view into the Zeugma Mosaic Museum in Gaziantep, Turkey, where the mosaic of Aphrodite´s birth can be found.

Vestibule of Eros and Pan – our preliminary

Roman Mosaic: The Vestibule of Pan and Eros. This image is a large mosaic with multiple figures. In the centre, Pan and Eros appear to be meeting, followed…

The Vestibule of Pan and Eros

The Vestibule of Eros and Pan is found in a huge Villa that was built in the 4th century AD, in Sicily. The floors of this villa are…

Poseidon Abducting Amphitrite

In this image the god Poseidon is pulling the reins of a hippokampos and Amphitrite is sitting on the hippocampos’s back. According to legends Poseidon saw Amphitrite dancing…

Poseidon Abducting Amphitrite(Poseidon enlarged)

Supporting image to Poseidon Abduction Amphitrite.

Griffin Mosaic

Mosaic Griffin eating lizard This piece is a mosaic that depicts a griffin eating a lizard-creature. The mosiac organized by goat’s head, tiger’s body with a lion tail…

Griffin Mosaic

This work is a Roman mosaic which is made up of small cubes of glass, coloured lime, or terracotta. This piece was originally created in the 6th century…