Mosaic Griffin eating lizard This piece is a mosaic that depicts a griffin eating a lizard-creature. The mosiac organized by goat’s head, tiger’s body with a lion tail and eagles wings.Composition made up of natural lines, background tiles are semi circles piled up on each other. There are leaves beside the hybrid, and the sky background make it look as if it is flying, however, it is in a laying upright position. Colours scheme give the impression that it is dark. The colour also add more details for the work. Stripes on the tiger in a darker red-brown, blood coming from the prey, outline of the tiger’s parts. Colour is used to show what angle the natural light is coming from, because of the highlighting on the tiger it appears to be coming from the right. Texture is taken on by the medium- tiles. There are a lot of patterning in the lion with repetitive lines throughout the lion’s coat. Additionally, some spots on the neck and on the wings. Colours are various browns, reds, yellows, background is faded blues, purples, and yellows. The animal is warm and the background is cool with is a good contrast. This art work is asymmetrical. The artists’ qualities are especially clear when we watch the mythological beings, which are entirely plausible. Great palace mosaic museum held this artwork. It found at Istanbul, Turkey. It made at 6th century and from palace of Justinian. Source: Most of the mosaics date from the 5th and 6th century. 6th century, from palace of Justinian Description: Istanbul, Turkey: Great Palace Mosaic Museum: mosaic detail of griffin eating something (6th century, from palace of Justinian)

Image Credit: Terryl Atkins
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