This image is of a small portion of a much larger floor mosaic. The chimera looks as if its in a defensive pose, and judging by how close a horse’s hove is as well as a part of a spear tip, it implies that it is fighting a warrior on horseback. To make the mosaic stand out, make it more dramatic and make it 3D, the body of the lion is comprised of many different shades of brown. It is also outlined in what appears to be a dark brown. The artist decided to show all the limbs of the chimera even though it is facing sideways and this gives the chimera movement, as if its just rearing back to pounce. The mosaic is from the 6th century. It was found in Istanbul in the imperial palace of Constantinople. And was part of a large floor mosaic in a courtyard. The mosaic currently resides in Istanbul’s mosaic museum.

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