This female panther is also a bronze sculpture from the same time frame as the goat-fish hybrid; (1-2nd century AD). This piece is held in the Metropolitan museum of New York, and is 14 X 10.8 X 21.9cm. Just like the goat-fish, this panther has great detail, and movement. It is amazing how the curves were made with the material to convey action; in the goat-fish with the front leg and the tail, and in this panther with her legs and head. This panther has spots that were inlaid with copper, silver and niello, which I find quite spectacular. The use of line is very detailed in this sculpture, showing all the curves and muscles of the panther. It looks like a very smooth surface except where the artist did some texturing around the ears and on the feet. The colour is a beautiful shiny bronze, with the silver spot designs on the body.

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