Nereid Riding a Sea-Bull Support Image Part of Altar of Domitius Ahenobarbus 2nd Century. Roman Bas-relief, Marble Housed at the Glyptotheck in Munich The Nereid is a part of four sculpted plaques which most likely were made to decorate the base that supported cult status in the Temple of Neptune. It is hypothesized that a general decided to make build the temple for Neptune after winning a naval battle. In the selected section I choose to support my original image, the gods Neptune and Amphitrite sit in a chariot pulled by two dancing Tritons. There are mythological creatures on either side of them. The Nereird riding the sea-bull is to the left. The couple are getting married, and their entourage consists of Tritons and Nereides. The Nereid riding the sea bull is carrying a present for the couple. To the right of the couple is the mother of Amphitrite, Doris, riding a sea-horse. Sources:

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