At the top: -Eye of Horace -Sun and horns with the gods Thoth, Amorah, and Horace depicted on the disk of the sun -Two flowers holding up the whole top piece -The things beside the eye of Horace could be some sort of protector to the gods Middle: -The yellowish green stone on the scarab pulls the eye to the very center of the piece -Wings of the scarab are the only thing that has a real texture feel on the piece -Seems to be cobras that outline the scarabs wings, could be a protection thing as if the scarab has some important job that he has to be protected to finish –> messanger to the gods maybe -Right hand of scarab looks to be holding some sort of palm fan or wheat bunch; could be prosperity or an offering to the gods -Left hand looks like some sort of flower or abstract person; could be either another offering or something to help the gods in some way Bottom: -Looks like fish and flowers alternating -A little bit of texture at the very bottom of the flower looking shapes give the feel of water -Repetition of shapes hanging Overall: -Very royal colours like dark blues, reds, and golds -Looks to have semi-precious gems through out the piece -Shaped in a way that looks like a triangle; maybe about class hierarchy or the connections between lower society and the pharohs and gods -Scarab could represent a priest connecting the lower class with upper and gods -Whole piece is very symmetrical except what the scarab has in his hands -Very ornate -Could be some sort of family crest or a power symbol -Looks well preserved -Because of how preserved it looks we believe it could have come off of King Tut

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