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Gypsum Alabaster

This is gypsum alabaster, the medium used for the stone relief of Nisroch

Assyrian God of Agriculture: Nisroch

This piece is a stone relief panel of the Assyrian God Nisroch, an eagle-headed, winged man with exaggerated muscles. He is said to be the Assyrian God of…

Nisroch and his pine cone sprinkler

Nisroch I. 1. This bas-relief panel depicts a hybrid creature, Nisroch,d with an eagle‚Äôs head and a human body, wearing a toga-like garment over one shoulder that reaches…

Supporting image for Nisroch relief

This relief shows Nisroch, the god of agriculture, who was also mentioned in the bible.

Supporting image for Nisroch relief

Nisroch was sometimes depicted with a human head instead of the head of an eagle.