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Poseidon Abducting Amphitrite(Amphitrite enlarged)

A supporting image to Poseidon Abducting Amphitrite.

Poseidon Abducting Amphitrite

In this image the god Poseidon is pulling the reins of a hippokampos and Amphitrite is sitting on the hippocampos’s back. According to legends Poseidon saw Amphitrite dancing…

Supporting image for the image of Amphitrite

This is a supporting image for the image of Amphitrite, it shows more of the artwork, and we can see another character in the artwork.

Top do the mosaic from the house of Amphitrite

Supporting image forth e Cupid mosaic. This is the top of the mosaic in the house of Amphitrite. The woman is believed robe either Amphitrite who is the…

Cupids riding dolphins carrying a box of jewels and a mirror

This is a supporting image for the Cupid on a dolphin. This is not the complete work but it shows a side by side of the two cupids….

Nereid Riding Sea-bull Support

Nereid Riding a Sea-Bull Support Image Part of Altar of Domitius Ahenobarbus 2nd Century. Roman Bas-relief, Marble Housed at the Glyptotheck in Munich The Nereid is a part…