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Philosophy and the Seven Liberal Arts – supporting image for the Ladder of Virtues

Another piece from the Hortus Deliciarum by Herrad of Landsberg. The Hortus Deliciarum was an illuminated encyclopedia that began in 1167 as a tool for novices at the…

The Third Horseman – supporting image for “the Beast of the Sea”

This is another scene from the Apocalypse Tapestry in Angers, France. It is a huge medieval set of tapestries made in great detail and size from 1377-1382. It…

Saint George

this is the supporting image of “the Saint George and the gragon. Who is the soilder in England .


Harpy This piece of art work is about a harpy. It is a bird with a woman’s face. Direct eye line to his upper left. Pattern and repetition…

Supporting image for Stuttgarter Psalter

This is another depiction of Gods Hand in early medieval art. This replaces the full figure God in art works.

Supporting image for Stuttgarter Psalter

This is another page out of the Stuttgarter Psalter that has the same background texture and colour as the Psalms 91

The Four Evangelists

The Four Evangelists This piece of artwork shows symbols for the four evangelists which are Lion, man, bull, eagle each with legs and two sets of wings but…

Supporting image for Seraphim

This is the Cathedral of Monreale, where the Seraphim is placed.

Supporting image for Seraphim

These are the four evangelist depictions in the book of Kells. Matthew is a winged man, Mark is a winged lion, Luke is the winged bull and Luke…

Throne of God Support

Support for Throne of God In the painting Throne of God with Elders and Four Evangelist symbols, Christ is depicted in the pantocrator position. The word pantocrator is…

Supporting image for the Last Judgment

This is Stephen the Great, the constructer of the Voronet Monastery where “the Last Judgment” was painted on.

Supporting image for the Last Judgment

This is the Voronet Monastery, where “the Last Judgment” is painted on.