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Stuttgarter Psalter Psalm 91

This is a narrative of a knight standing on a dragon and lion with the hands of god in the top right and an angel on the left….

Saint Daniil the hermit: Image supporting the Last Judgement

A portrait of Saint Daniil the hermit, was a Romanian hermit, on the advice of the hermit, Stephen the Great battled the Turks and won and built the…

Last Judgement Notes

• Narrative—a story of being saved or damned, trials and tribulations • Painting on the outside of a church, religious piece • Very colourful, good use of line,…

The Last Judgement

“The Last Judgement” is a biblical scene painted on the exterior of the Voronet Monastery. This particular piece was added 1547. Painted in fresco by an unknown group…

Seraphim Monreale

It is an illustration, no narrative. There are a lot of lines, patterns and texture. The shape is organic, and there are negative spaces, it is flat. The…

Supporting image for Pan

This is a statue of Pan. Pan is the Roman God of the wild, shepherds , nature mountain, rustic music, and satyrs.

Supporting image for Pan

This is another case of Pan helping out a Satyr. Satyrs were the companions of Pan, and also the god of wine, Dionysus.

Supporting image for Nereis mosaic

This is a craving of a Nereis riding a Hippocampus. Nereis where sea nymphs who accompanied Neptune. They were said to be friendly to sailors.

Supporting image for Nereis mosaic

This is a mosaic of a hippocampus. Hippocampus are seahourse like hybirds. Nereis is seen riding a hippocampus.

Supporting image for Cupid

This is another mosaic with a Cupid riding a dolphin. Cupids riding dolphins mean they are playful, friendly to humans, and swift.

Supporting image for Cupid

The other half of the mosaic in the House of Amphirite. Venus is the figure in the middle, and there seems to me two males with serpent tails…

Cupid on the right

This cupid is a part of a floor mosaic of Venus, in the House of Amphirite. The cupid is riding a dolphin and holding a mirror. Implied line…