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Notes for the golden Ram statue

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Notes for the Golden Ram Statue

Notes 1

Notes for the Golden Ram Statue

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Notes for the Golden Ram Statue

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Notes for the Egyptian Narrative

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Notes for the Egyptian narrative

Amulet of Harsaphes

This small amulet depicts the god Harsaphes, also known as Heryshef. It is quite small, standing only 6 x 0.7 x 1.7 cm (HxWxD). The amulet was found…

Supporting image of Harsaphes

Half stone carving depicting Ramesses II, this stone carving was found near the temple of Ihnaya-el Medina, which is the same temple where the amulet of Harsaphes.

Queen Nefertari supporting image

Queen Nefertari is seen in this picture with the hippo god Tauret, this wall scribe is found in the rocky gorge Gebel Silsila

Painting on the north wall of Queen Nefertari tomb

This narrative tells a story of the wife of Ramessess II, Queen Nefertari, the goddess of fertility, Goddess Heqet, with a roll up papyrus named “Nefertari” and the…

Supporting images of Queen Nafertari

An image of the Tomb of Queen Nafertari. This is were the wall painting remains; only open to the general public once a month.

Supporting image showing the Tomb of Queen Nefertari

This is a supporting image which shows the tomb of Queen Nefertari. There are many paintings of her on the walls.