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Supporting image for griffin mosaic

The map shows the imperial district of ancient Constantinople. The griffin mosaic was part of the courtyard of the Great Palace.

Supporting image for griffin mosaic

This picture shows the inside of the Great Palace Mosaic Museum in Istanbul, where the griffin mosaic can be seen today.

Griffin eating lizard mosaic

Describing what we see: This piece is a mosaic that depicts a griffin eating a lizard-creature. It does not appear to be a narrative as the image seems…

Black figure vase

This vase depicts animals, like rabbits and lions, and on the top a few harpies in a non-narrative way. The solid lines on the vase are used to…

Protocorinthian olpe

This piece is a protocorinthian olpe with black figure drawings of animals depicted on the outside of the vase. An olpe is a single-handled vase that was used…

Supporting image for the Sea thiasos

The picture shows an apulian red-figure pelike of a nereid nymph riding a dolphin. It is said that ca. 50 nereids, like the nereid on the stone relief…

Supporting image for the Sea thiasos

This part of the stone relief depicts Poseidon and Amphitrite sitting on a chariot during their wedding.

Woman riding a bull-serpent hybrid

This piece depicts a woman riding a hybrid which has the torso of a bull, and a long, serpent-like tail. It can be assumed that this image is…

Supporting image for the corinthian Olpe

On the picture you can see the necropolis of Fusco in Syracuse, Italy, where the olpe was found.

Supporting image for the corinthian Olpe

The map shows the areas of greek settlement. The area, where the olpe was found, was called Magna Graecia and includes the colonies in southern Italy.

Supporting image for the corinthian Olpe

The picture shows antoher corinthian black figure vase. The olpe is decorated with panthers, bulls, deers, herons, sphinxes and rosettes made up of circles of spots on the…

Supporting image for Nefertari´s tomb painting

This painting shows Queen Nefertari. It is said that she was the most beautiful of Ramesses seven wifes and she even was allowed to act in her husbands…