The Golden Cup of Marlik was found when excavations in 1961 that were being done in a graveyard that dated back to 3000 years ago. This site was in a region called Cheragh-ali Teppah which was near a city named Roodbar in Iran. It was a common thing for people to leave things of importance in tombs so that they could be carried with their loved ones to the afterlife. This cup, being made of gold would suggest that this belongs to someone of power,and nobility because others would be made of clay or silver. It is 18cm tall and the width of the rim is 14cm wide which would make this cup fairly large almost goblet like. The animals present are hybrids and appear to be winged cows climbing or resting against a tree, they are paired two to a tree. The cup is held in the National Museum of Iran. source:

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