The sculpture carries a brick and holds a basket with no narrative. Line is used to give a sense of clothing on the sculpture and it does fragment the artwork. The only space element of this figure is the three-dimensional, it mostly uses shape. The light and shadows work together in the composition to emphasize the different parts of the artwork creating a tonal contrast. The colours are monotone, relying mostly on the natural colour of the primary material. There is not much rhythm in the composition, but there may be some sort of rhythm in the lines. The sculpture is asymmetrical and it looks more harmonious than the other artwork. The primary material is stone. The sculpture shows some sort of offering because of the brick and basket it carries and brings the feelings wondering. The purpose is to serve as a protection to the throne’s occupant The artwork held at the Anatolian Civilization in Turkey and the British museum Only around 10 cm tall and 6 cm wide, this small figure was made in Toprakkale in Urarta, around 8th – 7th century BCE.

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