The Four Evangelists This piece of artwork shows symbols for the four evangelists which are Lion, man, bull, eagle each with legs and two sets of wings but no feet. They are look to be naked under their wings because their legs are not covered. It is a symmetrical but pretty flat painting. The four evangelists are lineup. They are looking toward to the centre. There is visual rhythm with the pattern of the wings which are blue red, red blue, blue red, red blue. This piece got plain background. Their hands are palm face out by their waste. They are religious symbolism. This piece of artwork look like cartoonish. There are a lot of vertical line. This painting is two dimensional. Although their wings, and hair have texture, the piece is pretty flat. The painting use bright colour specially the background to give people very light feeling. This just a part of painting. The artwork of evangelical conversation was made by Nicolaus de Lyra. Postilla litteralis in Biblia. Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des manuscrits, Latin 461, fol 135v. Source:

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