Religious painting – Narrative about Catholicism – The central person could be one of the saints, or Jesus – Natural lines, lots of narrative to fit in one small space. Bright cool colours. Lots of detail, but doesn’t really give you the impression of texture. Fine lines and lots of details. – Less important people on the bottom, important person is raised and centred, so your eye is drawn to that person. Every other character in the painting is also looking to the centre. – Symmetrical- equal amount of people and beasts on either side. Men at the bottom are wearing the same colour of robes. – Beasts might be holding books of scripture – How do light and dark function in the work? The brown and blue background compliments each other, however, the blue makes the central figure stand out more, especially because it is encased in a white pointy oval shape. – Creatures on either side may be from the Book of Revelation because they have six wings. – Medieval – Every element is used to narrate a story and draw your attention to the central figure. – Central figure looks like they are floating because of the way their feet hang, but also in a seated position with how their knees are. – Symbol in the bottom centre

Shared by: Tylene
Image Credit: Terryl Atkins
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