This is a page from the medieval manuscript Tanner 184. The image is depicting the head of a dragon upsidedown with a demon off to the side shoving things into “the mouth of hell”. The image is contained in a boarder in the shape of a rectangle and is a half page miniature. It was created in the 13th century in England. The work is done on parchment. Colour used in the work are mostly brown, red, green, and black. The colour scheme reinforces the idea of it being a dragon and “hellish”.The image is outlined and then in someplaces filled. In with paint. The demon on the left of the head is a hybrid creature with cloven hooves, and a face in his crotch. He is also spitting fire with horns and a grotesque face. He is shoving into the mouth of hell what looks like animals. Which could be a comment of Noah’s arch; instead of saving animals they are going to hell. The lines are very organic and the space in the rectangle is filled nicely. The two figures in the image are harmonious due to the same colours used and the line work. The religious manuscript comments on the apocalypse. The manuscript is stored in the Bodleian Library.

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