It is an illustration, no narrative. There are a lot of lines, patterns and texture. The shape is organic, and there are negative spaces, it is flat. The lines are important for the composition. It has light and dark colours, the white and dark divide the parts from each other. Not much tonal contrasts, it is flat. The predominant colour scheme is earthy colours, and also some cold colours. Some complementary colours. The attention is drawn to the texture and patterns. Lots of repetition and texture. It is very symmetrical. It is harmonious and disjunctive. The medium is mosaic, so the medium is important. Subject matter: Religious. It evokes a religious and enlightened feeling. It is called Monreale Seraphim, it was found ca. 1150 AD. It is helt in the Cathedral of Monreale in Palermo, Sicily. It is made of mosaic with golden leaves. It is a small part of a huge mosaic. The church is 7,6 square meters. The cathedral was made because of the assumption of the virgin.

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