In this mosaic, the head of the central character is missing. However, one is still able to see the shell, seafoam, and very womanly body. This brought us to the conclusion that this piece is a depiction of the birth of venus. Venus is accompanied by what appears to be two satyrs and one fish. There is also a written phrase at the top of the work that appears to be written in ancient greek. This piece is composed of very smooth, flowing lines, similar to those found in the griffin mosaic. There are thick, slightly curved lines in the background that vary in darkness which could be interpreted as waves in the ocean. The colour scheme in this artwork is made up of rich warm browns and cream colours that allow the piece to have a very harmonious feel to it. There is one colour that seems to stand out from the rest of the piece, and that is the colour of Venus’ skin. It is a very light pink colour, and implies purity and beauty.

Shared by: Trinity, Lilly, Emily
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