The above picture of Steve Minnitt with the Capricorn Figurine gives you a better visual of its size. A person who wants to remain anonymous found the very rare figurine using a metal detector. When I look at the little fish-goat I think it is cute, however, 2000 years ago the figurine may have instilled fear. The bronze figurine most likely belonged to a high ranking officer who was guarding the lead mines in the Mendip Hills. The Second Augusta Legion, who was a Roman military force that that had vanquished and took over South West Britain after 43 AD. The Capricorn was the legions emblem. The Capricorn mythology was originally Greek until it was absorbed by the Romans. Greek legend says that the god Pan leaped into the Nile while trying to escape the giant Typhon. Mid-leap while his head was above water it turned into a goat’s had, and his submerged hindquarters became part fish, creating a sea-goat, or Capricorn later to become a constellation. When The Romans absorbed Greek culture they added that the Capricorn was at the Gate of Men where souls pass though on their way to heaven.

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