We were wrong in assuming this is a Greek figure. Looking back after knowing what it is it’s clear it is Roman because of the hair. Greek Sphinxs’ have head dress’ and long hair, very different from what is in this picture. This is is for sure a Roman Sphinx. Sphinx is considered a monster because it was sent by the gods plague the town of Thebes. Apparently it was sent to punish the people of the town because of the crimes that were being committed. Her main targets were young people – teens. This figure is kept in the British Museum. This hybrid originated in Greece so this image is clearly copy of that used by Romans. This figure is made from marble the line structure is very harsh. The wings are very prominent where they start and end. The face is very typical and could represent any man to some point. It is said that this figure is is a table support. The figure is on a pedestal which is common. Many illustrations of a Sphinx on bowls or vases they are all on pedestals. This figure isn’t moving we can tell by the stationary position it is in. Because it is a table support this figure is no larger than mid thigh height or 2.5 ft.

Image Credit: Kristen Lang, Lindsay Knezacek
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