Mosaic Hybrid creature – Hybrid creature eating a small animal, maybe a lizard – Maybe a Chimera? – Mosaic, looks like it is part of a larger narrative – Tiger body (looks like it has stripes) with a lion tail and wings – Goat horns – Roman? – Composition made up of natural lines, background tiles are semi circles piled up on each other. – Leaves beside the hybrid, and the sky background make it look as if it is flying, however, it is in a laying upright position – Colours scheme give the impression that it is dark- Leslie – I think the colour is just used to add more detail. Stripes on the tiger in a darker red-brown, blood coming from the prey, outline of the tiger’s parts. – Colour is used to show what angle the natural light is coming from, because of the highlighting on the tiger it appears to be coming from the right. – Texture is taken on by the medium- tiles – Lots of patterning in the lion with repetitive lines throughout the lion’s coat. Also some spots on the neck and on the wings. – Colours are various browns, reds, yellows, background is faded blues, purples, and yellows. The animal is warm and the background is cool. Good contrast – Guess is that it is made out of painted clay tiles – Asymmetrical

Image Credit: Terryl Atkins
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