This vase depicts animals, like rabbits and lions, and on the top a few harpies in a non-narrative way. The solid lines on the vase are used to separate it into three levels, which could be interpreted as a kind of hierarchy. The bright background appears as the only negative space on the pottery. The vase seems quite curvy, on the one hand it is reflected in the shape of the pottery and on the other hand in the stylization of the figures. There is also a great light and dark contrast on the vase, so the dark figures are silhouetted against the bright background. The top with the harpies looks symmetrical, but the bottom parts with the animals donĀ“t, but the vase still seems very harmonious in the composition. The fact that it is a black figure pottery affects the color and the design of the figures. The pottery could be used for religious rituals or maybe just for carrying liquids.

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